Sunday, September 25, 2005

Martians vs Venusians

How MARTIANS cope with stress:
  1. become focused and withdrawn
  2. feel better by solving problems
  3. lose temporary awareness of everything else
  4. do not burden others with their own problems
  5. retreat, go quiet and find solutions
  6. do somethong else to forget problems
  7. become distant, forgetful, unresponsive
  8. on solving the problem become attentive again

How VENUSIANS cope with stress:

  1. become overwhelmed and emotionally involved
  2. feel better by talking about problems
  3. continue talking about logically unrelated problems, worries, frustrations
  4. openly talk about their problems and feelings
  5. share feelings of being overwhelmed
  6. need loving friends
  7. become emotionally involved in other people's problems
  8. by talking and being heard, the stress disappears
  1. Listen without offering solutions
  2. Help solve problems without quick-fix attitude
  3. Feel trusted and appreciated
  1. Talk about their problems and feelings
  2. Accept without giving advice or criticism
  3. Have their feelings validated

by John Gray, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus


Anonymous said...

Where is that entry with the picture of Loch Leven just now? I am baffled!!!!


anggerik merah said...

ha...hilang tak tau pi mana dah...nanti malam letak balik gambar tu...pheww..peluh-peluh!!