Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Age difference and holidays

Weekend, Christmas and boxing day was full house which bring warm and joy to my house.

3 Children of Aunty F and uncle O were here for vacation. The eldest (24, male), the fourth (17, female) and the fifth (12, male). Aunty and uncle have 6 childrens, but the third one passed away last year due to Leukimia.

The late girl left the world a week before her SPM results came out. She had 9A1. Everyone was amased with her courage despite of battling for Leukimia she continued with her trial exam in the hospital and had a chance taking the SPM in school when she felt a bit better. Her leukimia was only known after she fainted in school just about a year before she passed away. I was told that she was a very active girl and she wanted to be a doctor just like her father and also her eldest brother (studying medicine in UK).

During this few days that F1, F3 and F5 were here, we went to several interesting places such as Dungeon, walk along the main street and went into The Royal Yacht Britannia. Also some picturistique places far from the town center.

Inside Britannia, everyone was excited about display of several "keris" as present to Her Majesty. My little one spotted this at first as he always went quickly ahead of the tour and turned back to tell us what was really exciting in front there. Yes, this 9 year old boy could not be patience enough to slowly follow through the tour route. He either went quickly or went to the opposite direction.

In the Dungeon show, all 5 of us holding hand together as we strolled into the dungeon area. It was quite a scary place but not that scary to me. I was holding the hand of my little one and also the girl. Both hands were cold like ice. Overall we had enjoyable time in the Dungeon show. After the show, all of us were hungry. We ordered 4 different types of pizza and ate together.

The warm and joyous part was when these children of difference age (9, 12, 17 and 24) gathered around and played games Harry Potter Scene it the DVD games. All of them were so excited and a lot of laughed and giggling, jumping...you name it.. I was watching them playing..and observing how they tolerated in the games due to age different. The little one was the most excited player! And the sequence followed based on ascending order of age.

Another best part was during breakfast, lunch and dinner at home as all of us gathered and eat together like a big family. So, for once I had around me a big family of my anak2 and adik. I can see my little boy really enjoyed having kakak and abangs around him as well.

That is our weekend and holidays..


RojakBuah said...

kena ada adik tuu....baru ada kwn..kan??

ailin...in aalborg said...

Yeah...Akif is also feeling lonely at this moment.

anggerik merah said...

RB...planning for ready made one next year.

Ailin,..be patience. One day Akif will have sibbling!