Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A note from friend

Received christmas card from my friend 'H' who were studied PhD and worked here. We considered ourself as twin sister because both of us are physically the same size. The different is She's a chinese from China and I m Malay. She was the second last girl leaving this group before I was left alone to be among the gentleman. Of course I have no problem with all gentleman. Just that I could not share my uncontrolable emotion during PMS with the man becoz they don't feel it!

'H' once expressed interest in Islam and she admitted that she has no religion and still learning to see which one that suit her. My friend and I brought her to central mosque and gave her copies of AlQuran translation and some useful pamplets about Islam. We brought her to several Islamic exhibitions.

'H' and I became very close friend after she had completed her PhD. Before that she just was in her own isolated world. Did not mix around so much and look very stressful. We had been very close together for the last 1 year of her stay here. A lot that we shared and emotionally supported each other at time when we needed to have a shoulder to cry on. We were separated after she got a job offer somewhere else. But everytime each of us think about each other, at that instant one of us would pick up the phone and we talked about many things through phone for hours.. Our friendship remain forever..

To most of colleague here, 'H' is a very serious lady and has her own stuborn way... After we became friend, I understand her character more and she could express a lot what was going on in her thot.

She wrote this in the card she sent me several weeks ago which I placed next to my PC and read it at time when the tough get tougher and when I feel like having someone in front of me holding my hand and look at me through my eyes....

Dear AM,

I always want to say thank you
Thank you for the most precious friendship
It makes the winter warmer
It makes the hard study life interesting
You let me know that sharing can be so enjoyable
Caring can be so touching
I sincerely wish you all the best in the new year
A big hug to you

From 'H'


Kak Teh said...

You must have been a very good friend to her and it is always nice to be appreciated.am sure u will meet again.

dr in the house said...

A good friend indeed!

AuntyN said...

Good friendship is forever. It crosses all boundary, faith, race creed, colour and now even the physical boundary (blogsphere) "-)

atenah said...

we give and we receive

p/s: could you leave me yr email add again in my shout box?

bergen said...

It ain't easy to find a friend and remain friends for long. This one looks like you've got it made, ma'am.

anggerik merah said...

Kak Teh, DITH, auntyN, Atn, bergen..
yes we remain as good friend, stay in our heart.