Sunday, December 18, 2005

Precious gift...part 1

Was under pressure, been married for some years but not being blessed with any children. In general in our society woman to be blame for this especially a career women who travel all the time.

Finally, my other half and I gave up all effort/treatments and accepted the fact that kalau ada pun kami terima kalau tak ada pun tak apa. He didn’t accept my proposed idea of adopted child.

Allah punya kuasa, when my other half’s brother had his first baby also first cucu in his family, things has changed for my other half. I saw different him. He treated the baby more like his own. He bought a lot of things that the baby needed just for his nephew. I just watched from distance as I had my sad feeling wrt his response earlier.

He kind of a bit accepted on the idea of adopting a child. My cousin told me that there was a twin born in Kelantan from poor family. They wanted to give away one of the babies. I had more or less said to my cousin to arrange for us for adoption.

Not long after that, a miracle happen in our life…I was confirmed pregnant never that we knew when it happened…It was only triggered when I thought something wrong with me…maybe being hit by some kind of diseases right after raya back in 1995..

A mixed feeling for both of us…happy and sad and confused and donno what to expect when finally doctors scanned my tummy to see the living creature there. Again I believed itu semua dugaan that Allah had given us walaupun kadang2 I am still lalai terhadapNya.

When I saw all my photos during my pregnancy, it was like a different me all together. My face was a bit montel, one kind of natural glowing face and that was the time when my weight goes to maximum to carry the heavy luggage within me. Luckily it went to the right place where it was needed.

The first trimester, I had to let my doctor inject my but every 2 weeks to ensure the baby was safe to avoid from any miscarriage, although I never recall I had any miscarriage. I was so much pampered by my other half and others in the family..Our love grooming while we were waiting for the little one to arrive. Not only us, but everyone in the family especially my side..the first cucu…That time I was treated like a princess. Emm… how lucky I felt..of course never that I took advantage of the situation.

At 8 months of pregnancy, the doctor told us that he suggested for caesarian for the reason that it was the safest way to let the baby out since this baby was so precious. We didn’t agree because it was not based on medical reasons at all. We decided to go thru the normal way when the time comes. And if complication arrived then we would opts for his suggestion.


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