Thursday, December 22, 2005

Life goes on

For almost 2 years Allah had tested me with some unhealthy state of my body.

I had gradually lost my taste and smell sense….It was very weird that I cannot even smell strong perfume that I used everyday. All smell was just like natural gas which I was exposed day by day. Everything is tasteless to me…Dr said I had hayfever and sinusitis…I kept going on and on… It took me quite a while to figure out that it smell natural gas. That was after I went to Amsterdam for a couple days. Every morning, the smell of bread was exactly natural gas. All food smells the same to me. No differentiation. Very lucky after almost one year suffering of total lost of smell and taste, it slowly comes back after avoiding in direct contact of gases and chemicals.

It takes 1 year to get appointment to see specialist!! That is normal here especially when there is no obvious sign that the disease could lead to fatality. Not like in our country, we could see specialist and rule out all the possibilities within short period of time.

The centre of my skull was also curved in, but no pain. But I did lost memory though. A lot of things I could not remember. Complained to GP. Skull x-ray was made. Yes there is curve in part of my skull. Dr said that it could be due to stress and my two part of skull may not fuse together after reaching 20 years old. I stressed that I never noticed all my life that I had such dent on my head. Only recently it is there. The GP said, nothing much can be done and it should go back to normal after I complete my study. Explanation which I could not accept.

Went back to Msia with all medical records and set appointment to see specialist. CT scan was made. Alhamdulillah there is no sign of the dented skull caused damage to internal part of the brain. A bit release to know that. But the specialist asked me to observe any weird symptoms. That is the current state of my skull. I could not identify any weird symptoms as I could manage whatever pain well so far.

My experience with lost smell and taste, according to the specialist it is not common problem. He had encountered 3 similar cases in USA long time ago with American. That time it was thought that some unidentified virus was the caused of it. He said I am lucky because I got back the sense. These patients lost it forever.

Despite of all this, I am thankful that I don’t have to face more difficult disease like some others. This is more than enough to make me realise how important health is and how important every part of our body. Never before that have I paid much attention about health. It makes me realise that as we get older, our body is not as strong as we used to be. There is a limit to it. Life goes on….and I pray to Allah to bless me with good health in the coming year..

Do you have yours to share??


Ely said...

big hugggs from me!

bergen said...

You'd be okay, ma'am.

Kak Lady said...

Hope AM will regain your sense gradually, and enjoy life seperti biasa...kerana apa pun kita comes first...utamakan kesihatan... :) mcm iklan kat tv plak...hehehhe

sya said...

AM.. melompat dari blog kaklady, Im very lucky to be blessed with good health and robust energy. Alhmadullilah. take good care of yourself and eat right.

Nadia said...

AM, subhanallah, what you have had to contend with and still facing. May Allah make it easy for you. I can only give you one way of consolation. Allah tests us all in different ways and those tests are so that our sins can be erased or to raise our status. The prophets were tested with the most difficult tests so that they could go into Alam barzakh clean from sins. if we think about it that way, I would rather be tortured in the grave than fall into the fire at the sirat if i die with sins, which is most very likely the case.

see how Merciful Allah is to us, ada je opportunity for us to redeem ourselves without us even realizing. every pain, hurt, suffering will be compensated with an erasure of sins insyaallah.

I do have something to shre too, but if I do go into it, heheheh takkan abis, because essentially everyone has something to share. :D but i'll give you a gist, I lost my fourth baby in my womb when he was 24 weeks old last year. So far I think that was my most difficult trial so far. Makes me shudder to think of the incoming ones. the higher one's iman is, the more difficult it gets, makes me feel like I want to stay at this level but then, that is not the way to look at it, is it? :D

and how we act at the very moment when it is the most diffucult reveals our patience and pasrah at Allah's decree. So have to make sure we accept it gracefully also to reap those rewards. also...when thing become too much to bear, it's a sign that victory is near..insyaallah. ameen for us all.


anggerik merah said...

Dear All,
thanks so much for all comments. This is just a bit and pieces of my story. May Allah bless you with good health.