Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Precious gift...part 2

The due date had come, so I was forced to go thru induce way. Every time I was induced in the labour room, my other half will break into tears seeing me stop breathing. It felt as if he would see that my life will be taken away by Him at that instant. I thot that it was normal for me to have that pain but not sure about stop breathing. But I knew that he cud not see me suffer like that.

After a whole day in the labour room and nothing much happened and progressed, I was sent back to my private room. That night, one of the nurses came and advised me to follow doctor’s suggestion as the baby appeared to be weaker. I asked the opinion of my other half and my mom..but no one would said anything. Everyone asked me to make a decision on my own.

Although I had mentally prepared myself to go thru this but still not convience that this should be the way. That nite I cud hardly sleep thinking about what shud I decide. Finally when dr came to see me in the morning, and I told him..”ok doctor..lets go for ceasarean”. The doctor kind of laugh at me and asking if I was afraid to proceed with inducing baby. I told him that I thot about it the whole nite, and I do not want to take risk of losing the baby..Then ceasarian took placed in the evening of the same day.

Before I was rolled into the OT, everyone cried as if they never see me again. I stayed strong and left everything in HIS hand. What most important was the baby to come out safe in this world since he make a big different in our life. My other half was in the OT together with me since we had earlier discussed about the procedure and all the detail. It just took about 20 minutes for the doctor and his team to cut my stomach (which if I saw it with my own eyes on the other side, I might run away). But it was nonsense since I was made to feel numb from my waist down.

The OT was like a car workshop which I can hear radio and the Dr and his team was talking and giggling to each other while cutting my stomach. Came across my mind…”oooo….depa ingat I am a dead body ke…tak concentrate on what they were doing!!!, nanti silap potong… naya..” The best thing was that the anesthetist who numbed half of my body earlier, came to me several time to explain what the doctor will do next and what I shud feel. He always gave me a thumb up for encouragement..

BTW, a small curtain was laid on my chest so that I would not see the cutting activities on the other side..If I saw it I cud pengsan many times… When the baby was about to be pulled out from my tummy, the radio was turn off and everyone was quiet. And the doctor said…”luckily you had agreed to do this, the umbilical cord tangled into his neck and he already berak..”. The nurse rushed my baby to the other room as the baby did not make any sound. My other half followed him and left me with the doctor and his team to finish me off with vacuum and sewing back layers of my stomach.

This precious baby of us brings a lot of joy in our life. Both of us gave him full attention and love that a baby cud have. Was lucky because I had a maid who I can 100% rely on in the midth of my busy life as a career woman cum mama to my little one. As the boy grown up, I can see that my other half really pampered the boy…and I was the one who has to be the “garang” one whenever the boy was not properly behaved. Sometimes both of us quarreled over differences in discipline the boy. No matter what, the boy always brings both of our hand together whenever the differences in both of us existed.

Now he is already 9 years old. He is no more a little baby boy but he act as if he is a big man already. I could ask his opinion on many things because sometimes his idea is like a grown up man. Both of us are together for almost 3 years, the time that I felt I had more time to be with him as compared to when I was with very hectic life in KL. Soon we will be parted for a while. It make me feel very very sad inside but I will not show him because I don’t want him to feel sad to leave me here..


dr in the house said...

Definitely a precious gift. May he grow up into anak yang soleh who will take care of you no matter what!

Nadia said...

alhamdulillah you decided to do C-sect.....may Allah make him into one of the righteous insyaallah

Queen Of The House said...

Every birth is special, every baby is special. I have written and shared stories of my children's births with some virtual friends (who are no longer virtual now that some of us have met).

Alhamdulillah you had your little man by C-Section. I guess it was the best option then. May he grow up to be the best son any parent could ask for.

Kak Lady said...

Walau macamaner susah sekali pun proses kelahiran yang kita lalui...namun ia akan meninggalkan kenangan yang paling manis dalam hidup kita...moga dia akan membesar menjadi anak yang soleh & berguna di kemudaia hari

ailin...in aalborg said...

The doc took my little Akif out in 10 minutes. His heartbeat dah turun to 55 that time. I wish my husband was around at that time so I can have an extra wildcard against hime..hehe. But I did see my mother's face literally turn to ashes (because she spent the whole night saying that I was pretending to be in labour.) She left me after 10 minutes of me being admitted, and came back the next day 30 seconds before I was wheeled in. Sempat capai tangan and tengok kaki I masuk OT je.

Count Byron said...

Dear AM.

I can empathise with you, and all the ladies out there. Having being there for the birth of 7 children.. it is overwhelming.

Well done ladies.

anggerik merah said...

To All,

thanks for sharing yr story/experience and wishes. I had this bit of story which I consider the best gift of my life. I hope to be a good mother to raise this little man of mine. I may not be perfect one but I will learn to be better day by day.

Happy new year to all..May Allah bless us with many many more precious gift in life..

AuntyN said...

All my 4 girls were by natural birth. The last one Syia was breached (kaki kat bawah) but still natural. Alhamdulillah, everything went well for you.