Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The power of diversity

About my supervisor: yesterday at final project meeting to sponsors, Powergen (my beloved supervisor's nick name) has already announced that I will be submitting mine by June 2006 (my deadline...). Insyaallah with HIS help I will be able to meet the target and also berkat dari relatives & friends who will pray and doa for me...

About Powergen: Iranian, good looking, workoholic (weekend always at the office, balik rumah lambat dari student), smart, charming, high expectation (especially on PhD student like me), money minded, kedekut, sometimes undecided, sometimes look confused, exhausted, nervous, changeable mind, ego pun ada...Dia duda sebab tu lah workoholic.. to accept that no human being is perfect.

Last 2 years, he did presentation to my colleague in the company. Masing2 terleleh dengar presentation dia...ada yang tak tahu apa nak tanya sebab benda baru, ada yang mengantuk sebab petang & banyak makan karipap...ada jugak yang lepas meeting tu comment...

my friend: "AM...your supervisor tu handsomenya...tak jemu I tengok muka dia. Kalau I jadi student dia tentu apa yang dia ajar semua masuk dalam kepala..."
me: " Laaa.. ingatkan kusyuk dengar presentation dia... rupanya...yang lain dia kusyuk..."

Itulah serba sikit pasal dia...overall, he is a very nice person...I knew whenever I gave him advice on work related or even on walfare of his staff, he will take it..He never refuse giving me anything that I need to make the project progress.. I am thankful him for that...but only me ada sikit...mungkin banyak lembab on contributing to new idea..

What can I mind is full of other thots as well..not only limited to technical jargon stuff..Me at this age to compare with those at early 20s (single, young, energetic, some of us when we were really young not long ago...)..I can't compete with others..I can do what I can affort to do ...

My new officemate: 2 days ago, a new PhD student join our group. 25 years old but look like 30+..sebab dah botak kat depan..maybe ulat buku.. After 3 days with him I found out that he is kind of "nerd" sikit...Why i said that?:

Evidence 1:
Office mate: "AM, can you take care of my wife for a while bcoz I need to go out"
Me: Puzzle $%#*& ..... "your wife???"
Office mate: " This is my wife, I brought her with me all the time" pointing at his notebook
Me: while laughing and change to slightly serious mode " oooo...sometimes I also bring my husband here...but not always"

My new office mate laugh and me we laugh to each other...Kalau dah notebook anggap wife memang sah ada ciri2 nerd skit..

Evidence 2:
Me: "what is your hobby?"
Office mate: "everything is my hobby"
Me: " Huh??? Do you like sport and what kind of sport do you like? "
Office mate: " I love all kind of sports"
Me: " What??? It is strange that you like all sports..I am sure at least one or two that you really like"

Officemate kind of thinking for a while and said to me that he has none that he is good at but he wants to learn all...

Many other evidence...tak larat nak tulih.. Many more I will discover about this new comer.

Anyway, I enjoyed having him in my office eventhough he is a bit different in character and I don't have any problem getting along with him or anyone...In fact in our group we have English, Scottish, Chinese, Iranian, Denish (Denmark), French, Indian, Venezualan, and me malaysian (one and the only lady)..thats we call "the power of diversity". Off course we can't run away from disagreement due to our differences but as long as we can tolerate and respect each others, and contribute our various expertise we remain as one entity..


AuntyN said...

Yeay, another first commentor for the day..

I like your previous entry on the Tanah Suci. Syahdu sangat. I remeber the feeling when I first saw the kaabah. Nak Pergi lagi!!! Rindu sangat ni actually tapi tk tau bila lagi..

EM&EM said...

Anggerik Merah

His PC is his wife? Mmmm, dia naik bas pergi campus ke?

AdieJin said...

Kalau ada Jin, bertambah diverse group tu..":)

Kak Teh said...

soon, soon you will get there! Insyaallah and then kak teh akan kejar anggerik merah pulak. I will need you to cheer me on!

anggerik merah said...

Auntyn...betul tu, memang rasa nak pergi lagi..

EM, Yeah the notebook is his wife

AJ, kalau Jin masuk group nie...semua yang nerdy jadi rock skit lah..hehehhe

Kak Teh, insyallah tolong doakan..,
Surely I will cheer you up tapi rasanya AJ lagi terror kut part cheering up nie..Kita sama-sama cheer up each other because we need one another..